UNIMAS Microfinance Limited is a private company incorporated in Ghana on December, 2013. It is a Tier 2 Microfinance Company licensed by Bank of Ghana to receive deposits, grant loans and provide banking services to the unbanked and low income operatives mainly in the informal sector of the Ghanaian economy. The company has been in operation since 2014 and currently has its head office at Osu and two other branches at Haatso and Anyaa in Greater Accra Region.

Our target market includes micro, small and medium enterprises as well as individuals who require financial services within the capacity of the microfinance sub-sector. Our credit business is focused on retail businesses, manufacturing and formally employed workers because of the minimum risk associated with these sectors. Our deposit products focus on micro savings and micro insurance for the informal sector. We are very effective in mobilizing deposits from the informal sector due to the focus and nature of our business. We also provide mobile money services to our clients.

At UNIMAS we have integrated technology in our operations to ensure efficiency. We are currently introducing mobile banking technology to aid the banking experience of our clients. With this technology, our clients can deposit and withdraw money from their account with the use of their mobile phones. This will be the first within the microfinance subsector and we believe it will transform our market share and reduce the risk associated with fraud by field officers. The good thing is that this technology is coming to us at a very minimal cost but giving us high efficiency

UNIMAS is amongst the few Microfinance companies in Ghana that survived the turbulence and bad press that characterized the operations of the microfinance industry in the past three years. This was achieved as a result of prudent financial management and loyalty of customers. We currently have over 500 active customers.