This is a product designed to allow family members that is husband, wife, child or ward who has no job or business to start or enter into a business with the support of other family members.

Unimas provides the loan to a tune of GHc 20,000.00 as a takeoff. Any family members that have a good source of salary income introduce and undertake to repay the loan amount over an agreed period of time, maximum two years from his/her monthly salary. The family collectively nurtures the business to grow and become a family legacy.


  1. The product is available for husband, wife, child or ward who is unemployed.
  2. The guarantor must be a salary worker with a blue chip company or government
  3. The maximum amount of loan to one individual is GHc20,000.00
  4. The interest rate is 4% per month
  5. The tenure is two (2) years
  6. Insurance protection is for the beneficiary


  1. The unemployed family member will be gainfully employed in the family business
  2. The financial burden on the bread winner can be spread/reduced with time.
  3. The joy of having a family business that can become a family legacy.
  4. Capacity building training support by Unimas for the would be family business manager on how to manage a successful  business is available
  5. The working member of the family has the opportunity of retiring into the family business.
  6. Unemployment rate in the country is reduced

Loan Requirements to be provided by Unimas at the application stage.

  • A group must have between 15 and 30 members.
  • The group attends the Bayport Micro training programme.
  • The 6 weeks of training teaches members how to run their group effectively. They also learn all about the Bayport Micro group lending product.
  • If the group stays together and works well during the 6 weeks, it graduates from the training.
  • Once they have completed the training, the group members can apply for loans that start at GHS 100.
  • The loan amount can increase up to GHS 2,700 over a period of time, provided that the group members repay their loans successfully.